Advertisements and Campaign Goals 

Running advertisements on social media has become the next big thing in the world of digital marketing. Whether you’re a small company looking to build brand awareness or an established larger business hoping to boost sales, an advertisement can help to meet your needs.  Especially for companies in the Brazos Valley area. There is a big difference between social ads and social content. The main difference is that an ad involves putting money behind the post. Ads appeal to people who are not your followers and can help reach potential customers. Social content appeals to your active audience and helps to keep them engaged. So, how can social ads help my business?  Social advertising reaches people who don’t already know about your company. Social content speaks to people who are already your fans. Facebook advertisements can help with this, but these techniques offered can also be used on all social networks.

For the purpose of this blog, we’re focusing our attention on Facebook since it’s the largest network by far. But the concepts apply to all social platforms.   

Facebook Advertisements: 

What is a Facebook Ad? A Facebook ad is a paid message that allows you to advertise on Facebook, a form of social advertising. A Facebook ad also gets on users’ feeds that do not follow you. It allows you to advertise to those who do not know your business and could be good potential customers. A recent study has shown that Facebook’s monthly active users are fast approaching 3 billion people. That’s 36% of the world’s population. With a Facebook ad, you are able to set different campaign goals, but these goals can also be used on all social, and a Facebook advertisement is just an example of how an ad can be properly utilized. 


Awareness campaigns are your way to make a memorable first impression. Whether you want to bring more awareness to your social media page or business,  the awareness goal can help get you seen.


Once you’ve caught the attention of potential customers, it’s time to guide them to your digital doorstep. Traffic campaigns are all about driving visitors to your website or business. You can turn browsers into active visitor traffic.


Social media is all about interaction, and engagement campaigns can help boost this. Whether it’s likes, comments, or shares, engagement builds a community around your brand. These campaigns are perfect for businesses looking for more interaction. 


It’s time to turn those followers into customers. Leads campaigns are designed to capture information from your audience. This data becomes the foundation for targeted marketing, helping make leads into customers.

App Promotion:

Whether you’re launching a new app or aiming to increase downloads, this campaign can help your app get attention.


The ultimate goal for most businesses – driving sales. Sales campaigns are designed to help well boost your sales! From showcasing products or advertising new ones, these campaigns can turn interested prospects into satisfied customers!

When navigating paid advertising, understanding just how an ad works, and how you can use its campaign goals to your advantage is key. The ability to reach new customers is something powerful that ads give you access to. Facebook is just one example of this. Both social advertising and social media management are invaluable to small businesses in Central Texas. Ready to run an advertisement and experience the positive effects for yourself? Let Branding Iron help. Give us a call today and we would love to help you get started!