Pay-Per-Click Services

PPC advertising is an excellent tool to capture leads at the tail end of the sales funnel right when a potential client is in the decision-making process. Unlike traditional advertising, PPC gives businesses levels of control that work because you can increase investments for specific keywords that are working and reduce investments in areas that are not working. PPC can help increase traffic to your webpage, true. But moreover, it can help you conquest the competition and take market share, even in a competitive market. At the end of the day, PPC allows you to define the value each new customer is worth to your business, then manage how many of those customers you solicit.   

Why PPC?

You can track everything, but the most essential metric is the number of leads created and the cost per lead. This helps you to assess whether or not this sort of marketing is suited for you. Assume your typical sale is $200. What is a reasonable price for you to pay to get a new customer? Let’s pretend that $30 is a reasonable price for each new visitor who passes through your door. That’s simple math for a business owner. I’m going to spend $30 all day to make a $200 sale. That is PPC advertising.

What’s fantastic about PPC is this type of advertising happens at the bottom of the sales funnel. Advertisers using PPC get an ad in front of a potential client at the moment of purchase in most cases. Delivering your option at the exact moment interest in your product is at its peak. Ensuring that your advertising expenditure is not wasted. This lowers your cost per lead, resulting in a more effective advertising strategy. With very minimal waste, Branding Iron Management can target the exact clients who make your business lucrative.

Creative Services

  • Immediate Results

  • Increased Website Traffic

  • Less Affected by Algorithm Changes

  • Measurable Return on Investment

  • Increased Brand Recognition

  • Conquest Your Competition


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