With over 60 years of combined experience on our team we know why traditional media is still relevant and how digital media is changing daily.


Branding Iron takes pride in hiring from the Texas A&M University pool of talent. From internships to full-time positions, the Branding Iron team is comprised nearly entirely of Aggies. Some of the smartest, most talented group of people originate from our back yard and we’re excited to have them on our team. With over 70 years of combined experience, your marketing challenges will be taken on by knowledgeable professionals.

If you are interested in an internship or full-time position, contact us here and we’ll schedule time to visit.

Hans Hammond
Hans HammondFounder & CEO
With over 20 years experience in media management, Hans leads the team with respect for what works and an open mind to new opportunities.

Michaela Martinez
Michaela MartinezLead Media Planner & Buyer
Attention to detail and thorough follow-through have earned Michaela a position as lead media planner and buyer. Her research skills are unmatched. TAMU ‘20

Avery Browning
Avery BrowningDesigner
Gifted and innovative Graphic Designer, Avery brings fresh new ideas to all her work in print, social media, video planning, and media buying. She leads and manages various projects and other designers. Her creativity is a valuable part of our team.
TAMU ‘22
Kara Cleere
Kara CleereDesigner
Talented and productive, Kara works alongside Avery on various creative projects for our clients. She is organized and extremely dependable. Her positive attitude and willingness to learn are a great addition to our team. TAMU ‘24


Branding Iron requires no commitment to spending levels and offers a 30 day out. If at any time you decide it’s not working, give us 30 days to transfer your advertising back to your name and Branding Iron will gracefully bow out. We’re proud of the long standing history we have with our clients and honor their decisions, even if it takes another direction.








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