Cable Services

Cable Television is still a very effective marketing technique to reach a large number of people. Branding Iron will save you time and money in negotiating the right Cable purchase to fit your marketing strategy.

In some markets Cable still delivers 60, 70, and as much as 80% delivery to target areas. Often this is in addition to OTT and broadcast. There are several households that pay both cable and streaming services for their television consumption. This is largely due to the fact Cable still offers some of the fastest internet speeds available. That coupled with the providers’ aggressive bundling has held onto market share making Cable still an available option for News Weather and most importantly Live programs such as sporting events, contests, and award shows.

Media Buying

Understanding the landscape of cable in each market doesn’t require a horoscope or divining rod. What most advertisers fail to recognize is that satellite penetration means a very large percentage (sometimes more than 60%) of a market consumes their television somewhere other than cable. But if you want to target a specific demographic, say your hometown college football games or news product that intentionally leans to one side or the other, cable is a great way to deliver that message. Add multiple markets or even multiple cable systems in one market and it’s a puzzle most businesses decide to skip all together. Branding Iron will help you decide if Cable is right for your strategic plan.

Creative & Media
Buying Services

  • Brand Consulting

  • Video Production

  • Voice Over Recording

  • Jingle and Background Music

  • Broadcast

  • Cable

  • Digital Streaming Media


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