OTT Services

OTT, short for Over-the-Top refers to the practice of streaming television and film content directly over a high-speed internet connection. Most business owners don’t realize that OTT or Digital Streaming television is an option in their media buy. OTT in your marketing strategy translates to your TV ads delivered over streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple TV and many others. In 2019 Streaming video surpassed broadcast, cable and satellite consumption COMBINED. And that was before the impacts of the pandemic. It’s only increased from there and we can help you deliver your marketing strategy to targeted geographic areas and demographics.

Why Choose OTT for Your Media Buy

In 2019 streaming video (OTT) delivery surpassed cable satellite and broadcast delivery COMBINED. It has only grown from there. This is a paradigm shift in how television is consumed. Buying OTT is different than buying other media. What’s great about OTT is you have the option to choose your geographic area that’s not predetermined by the broadcast signal of your market area. You get to pick who sees your ads and only pay for those in your target demographic.

Target OTT by geographic areas, zip code specific, household income, home value, search history, and retargeting. Track conversions on OTT after they’ve seen your ads: website conversions, walk-in traffic to your store, email database conversions, and conversions to a 3rd party location. OTT Creative message options, use different creative messages to unique target demos, A/B testing on multiple creative messages, unique messages based on search history and more…

This potentially saves thousands of dollars on wasted impressions to people that are not in your target market. Branding Iron will help you define the target and make the most of the investment you make in marketing. Additionally, OTT is the only video option that can track conversions to your website and footfalls brick and mortar store!

Creative & Media
Buying Services

  • Brand Consulting

  • Script Writing

  • Voice Over Recording

  • Jingle and Background Music

  • Geographic Targeting

  • Programmatic Targeting

  • Audience Targeting

  • Contextual Targeting

  • Behavioral Targeting

  • Cross-Device Targeting

  • Retargeting


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