In a world where there is so much being thrown our way online, picking your target audience can be the ultimate key to success. Social advertising can help you gain an advantage by allowing you to target specific demographics. Social advertising can open a whole new world of possibilities that can excel your business into being better than ever, while also saving you money. This is virtual for business in the Central Texas area. So, let’s dive into the details of what social advertising actually is, and how you can use its targeting power to help your business. 

Social Advertising Defined:

Social advertising involves putting money behind the advertisement post to get it promoted.  A social ad is extremely vital because of your ability to target specific demographics. This can be used to your advantage so you can target those who would be interested in your business but have not heard of it yet. It is a strategic way to be seen by people who are not following you and have the potential to be customers. Also, with how accurate targeted social can get it can eliminate waste and lower the cost of acquisition. For smaller businesses, this is only a bonus when it comes to targeting. 

How to use Targeting:

Figuring out the audience you want to target and how to properly use demographic targeting can allow you to put your best foot forward. Targeting allows you to get super granular with messages to targeted demos. This is what can help you lower the cost of acquisition. You can get a narrow audience and hit the bullseye every time. For example, if you were wanting to sell Disney on Ice Tickets, social media can help you find mothers of small children who drive minivans that purchase Disney items and love live entertainment. Targeting has the power to get that specific and accurate. You can take just one item and expand it down to something so granular. This is just one example of how you can use social advertising to your advantage. This also allows you to focus your efforts and money on the people that matter. Social advertising is the most accurate targeting tool in our arsenal.

So, by using a social advertisement, you have the ability to massively narrow down who you want to advertise to. The power to appeal to an extremely specific audience now lies in your hands. Hitting the bullseye has never been easier! Using targeting is invaluable to small businesses in the College Station area. Ready to get started? Branding Iron can help. Give us a call today, and we can get started right away!