The radio might not be what you first think of when you think of expanding your brand, but the radio is still very much a relevant way to advertise. Local and digital radio are still popular and used today, and can be the primary way some people get their information. Now, something that comes along with the radio is radio advertisements. I’m sure we have all heard one at some point and might have even gotten one stuck in our heads throughout the day. 

While some people may consider radio ads to be not as popular, they are actually a fantastic way to reach a large number of people. The ability to get your ad featured over and over again and a chance to shine on its own is something special. Whether it is local or digital radio, ads and commercials are powerful tools in order to get your voice heard. 

So, what makes radio advertising so great? How on Earth would it be a great way to get my voice heard? Well, let’s go through some of the pros and see just how radio measures up. 

1. Radio Ads Reach A Large Audience At Once

Radio ads are a great way to reach a large target audience. If it is a local ad, it is a great way to get your business noticed in your town. If it is digital it is a great way to get noticed by all of those who are streaming. Radio is one of the best ways to spread mass information about your brand. Studies have shown that one in five adults say they often get their local news from radio stations. Whether it is on the morning commute, or playing in a local coffee shop, radio is a successful way to get your voice heard to a large number all at once. 

2. Radio Ads Are Less Expensive Than Other Forms 

Radio ads are cost-effective. Meaning, radio ads are a great way to cut costs when it comes to producing a commercial. You save money by not having to have the film that comes along with a television advertisement. It is a great way to get a lot of reach without going over your budget. 

3. Radio Ads Will Not Get Lost

Think about how many times you pass a billboard, and can not even recall what the ad on it was for. Or, when you look at a magazine that has a page of twenty or so ads on it. With radio, your ad is guaranteed to get heard. It gets to have its own moment, and not have to compete with other ads for attention. It also has the ability to last for a longer period of time than a billboard that you speed past has. 

4. You Can Control The Frequency 

How many times have you heard an ad over and over and it has gotten stuck in your head? Well, guess what, that is advertising doing its job! It is not uncommon to listen to the radio and hear one ad run again and again. By putting an ad on the radio, you get to choose the frequency at which it is played. Meaning, that you can have it run as many times as you want, in order to get your ad stuck in someone else’s head. Based on research, it is recommended that your ad gets played three times a day in order to create recognition. 

5. Has The Ability To Feature Special Guests

By running an ad on a local radio show, you have the ability to allow the host of that station to comment or even participate in what your ad has to say. Most people have a favorite radio station and host, so having them give their opinion on your brand, can create more credibility and allow more success for your brand. 

6. Brand Recognition and Top-of-Mind Awareness 

Brand recognition and top-of-mind awareness are some of the main reasons for radio ads. An audience being able to recognize your brand because it has been mentioned over the radio is brand recognition. Recognition can come with having an ad run over and over again on the radio, and someone being able to recognize your brand because it has been mentioned to them and is at the top of their mind. You want your brand to be on the top of someone’s mind. Radio has the power to create this recognition and elevate your brand to get it to be the first thing that someone thinks of. 

7. Increase Conversation Across Other Platforms 

Increasing conversation across other platforms means that because of radio you can create more buzz on other platforms. Starting on one radio station and then creating recognition can increase the conversation across other platforms. When we advertise on the radio, we see a 17% to 23% increase in conversion in digital media because people become aware of a brand. This happens without increasing spend on digital media. It’s a neat trick, but the fact is people are more likely to use a brand they recognize over a brand that they’ve never seen before when they are given the choice. Getting on multiple platforms can increase the conversation overall around your brand. 

Ready to take your brand to the next level? 

When thinking of expanding your advertising, while radio might not be what is first in mind, it is ultimately one of the best ways to build your brand. Being able to reach a large target audience, and have something special that being on the radio allows you to create, is the key to compelling your business. Ready to experience the power of radio? Let Branding Iron Management give you your jump-start into the radio world. We are able to create radio advertisements and would love to help you get your voice heard.